Zeiss-Ikon Sonnar 57mm f/2.0-22.0

Lens categoryNormal
Vendor nameZeiss-Ikon
Type nameSonnar
Focal min (mm)57
Focal max (mm)57
Focus min (cm)70
Aperture max2
Aperture min22
Diaphragm blades9
Filter size (mm)40
Zeiss-Ikon Sonnar 57mm f/2.0-22.0

Made by Carl Zeiss Jena, prototype lens from around 1948 (maybe earlier) for the new Contax SLR. Another similar lens can be found in the Carl Zeiss Museum in Jena.

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  • Hosting  01:53 Aug 26, 2017 

    Leica has economized by using plastic for its focus tabs, while this Zeiss still uses solid metal for everything. In anything other than exacting, controlled comparison tests, I’d never notice any difference between these two lenses.

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