unknown Generic 400m f/6,3 telephoto 400mm f/6.3-32.0

Lens categoryLong Telephoto
Vendor name
Type nameGeneric 400m f/6,3 telephoto
Focal min (mm)400
Focal max (mm)400
Focus min (cm)650
Aperture max6.3
Aperture min32

Generic 400 mm f/6.3 lens. Long -Focus type. Three-element Triplet construction with front-cell focusing. Lens mount is changeable “T” type. Pre-set diaphragm. Must have been made from the 1960s to 1970s. The barrel has a collar tripod mount. Lens must be used on a tripod or monopod, hand-held use is very difficult. Lens length is 32 cms (lens set at infinity) and about 5-6,5 cms in girth.
Despite its length it is very light.

Popularly seen in old American Photography magazine as “Prinz”,”Spiratone”, “Astranar Girl-Watcher”, etc. Unknown Japanese manufacturer, supplied this lens to various retailers. The example shown in this page is labelled as “VINSON” and came from Australia.

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  • Joyce Weaver U.S.A.  03:20 Dec 04, 2005 

    I bought this lens new about l979 from Spiratone. It can be handheld at 500 sec. I have used it on Contax/Yashica and Pentax K mount cameras. It can be mounted on any brand camera with a T-mount adapter. It is indeed very sharp, and its reproduction of colors is indeed quite beautiful. I have taken outdoor “portrait” type shots of people in relaxed poses at picnics, ballgames, etc. and the results are equal if not better than the well known name brand camera lenses. It has Plura-Coat lens coatings.

  • david edwards  08:30 Jul 07, 2013 

    I bought a galaxy f 6 .3 very recently, I love it , very sharp .,cant believe how good it is , 400mm for not a lot of money , and worth every penny , as you say its clour reproduction is gorgeous , im very happy with mine, can be hand held its so light….

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