Pentacon Electric 135mm f/2.8-22.0

Lens categoryMedium Telephoto
Vendor namePentacon
Type nameElectric
Focal min (mm)135
Focal max (mm)135
Focus min (cm)170
Aperture max2.8
Aperture min22
Diaphragm blades6
Filter size (mm)55
Pentacon Electric 135mm f/2.8-22.0

This lens is relatively sharp, with a buit-in hood, much like the Carl Zeiss DDR of the same focal length.
It was originally made as the Meyer Orestor, becoming the Pentacon later in production. Earlier models were preset. The later generations were both in automatic and electric, although neither of these originally had multi-coating. This was acquired in the next generation of the model. This electric model, lacking MC, is therefore prone to flare.

The color rendition is a bit strange in my copy, putting very little emphasis on blue but the normal amount on reds. This may not be consistent among all copies.

In looking at the photograph of the mount of the lens below, one can see a resistor used in the electric shutter system. It’s lime green. (MAP)

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  • David Rusjan  14:37 May 29, 2007 

    i found this lense to be very good in sharpness, if focused correctly, at distancecs that does not reach the infinity below f9. however the f must be above the f4 to obtain the maximum sharpness while higher values does also more damage then good. it is very usefull as macro lenses with a converter or additional lenses in front; anyway it is difficult to screw something in the filter thread (49mm) that is larger then a filter, because of its solar extending hood integrated. at the above mentioned conditions this lenses is capable of producing very well results

  • Dantespix  12:02 Jan 14, 2008 

    It’s really strange. In your photo this lens has 6 blades . My unit has 15 blades.

  • Mark Pickett  12:01 Mar 10, 2011 

    This lens does not do blues very well. It renders purple instead at a darker red. Here I have cropped from an original image taken with this lens. This is a tree on campus that spreads its seeds by pods.
    This image was desaturated slightly to put emphasis on the detail in the limbs. It was shot at f/8 to increase the DOF since focusing on an individual branch proved to be a pain.

    Bare limbs

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