Pentacon Multi Coating 29mm f/2.8-22.0

Lens categoryWide
Vendor namePentacon
Type nameMulti Coating
Focal min (mm)29
Focal max (mm)29
Focus min (cm)25
Aperture max2.8
Aperture min22
Filter size (mm)55
Pentacon Multi Coating 29mm f/2.8-22.0

Also know as Meyer Orestegon .

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  • Germ??n Pierre – Barcelona-Spain  21:46 Mar 10, 2006 

    Mr. D. Olivier
    I??m now reading on your web and I??m very happy to find a people that have the same hobie than me.
    Now I??m testing to publish in my web de Pentacon MC 29/2,8 and the Pentax S. Takumar 50/1,4.
    If you would know this tests you can contact at :
    This is a web of a generic lens test for Dsrl Cameras but I put sometime some of my old lens that i have in my little collection.
    The Flektogon 20/2,8 and the 35/2,4 are my favorites, also the Planar 50/1,7 Contax-Yashica and the 105/2,8 S. Takumar Pentax.
    If you want some picture made with this lens and the Eos 20D, 300D or Nikon D200 only you must ask me for it.
    I hope that your work make that more people will interested by this part of the photogrphy??s history.

    Germ??n Pierre

  • S??bastien Vanlierde, France  00:21 Mar 07, 2007 

    J’ai utilis?? cet objectif sur un Canon EF-M et un Pentax Spotmatic, et il ne m’a pas laiss?? un souvenir imp??rissable. Piqu?? moyen moyen, et manipulation muscl??e du fait de bagues collantes. Gros bof…

  • Eric H., France  01:17 Jul 15, 2007 

    Well, it’s not a masterpiece, but, it’s a fair one, a wide angle at reasonable price. The quality of the lens is fine, and the one I’ve got is smooth enough. Image quality is quite good when wide open, but much more interesting at f8 or f11. But, this lens is very, very sensitive to the light. I’m using it on a EOS Digital Rebel/350D, and I’m working with exposure at -1.8 to have satisfying results. Using a hood is almost compulsary.

    Poor bokeh at f2.8.

  • Eric H.  17:57 Nov 12, 2007 

    I’ve just read my first comment, and it appears I have to amend it a little.

    I gave a second chance to this lens, and it’s a far better one I’ve thought at first sight.

    It’s a very lumninous one, and the 2.8 aperture gives a reasonable bokeh. The hood is still recommended, at least for protecting from hazardous shocks or scratches. You’ll need to be quite familiar with your APN and lens, because light metering is very lousy. But once you’ve got it, the Pentacon deliver a deep color contrasted picture, welle defined and with a lot of personality.

    As a matter of fact, it’s a very good one.

  • juan rino,buenos aires, argentina  19:06 Feb 26, 2008 

    I had one petacon MC 29 mm. Rich colors and good contrast, but definition is not so good. May be one element that no fix at the rrear of the lens. I saw this things in the russian production of the kiev’s lenses. Sure was not a good copy.

  • Arnaud Tilmant  11:57 Mar 10, 2011 

    Avec cet arbrisseau, cette maison a un air paisible au milieu du silence environnant. Pour peu on se croirait dans un petit village proven?al.

    Un 29mm dans des conditions de prises de vues assez classiques. La lumi?re est belle, et le ciel commence ? se charger annon?ant un d?luge imminent.

    Un petit objectif bien agr?able ? utiliser l? o? le recul manque.

    Oradour-Sur-Glane – Facade en pierre

  • Arnaud Tilmant  11:57 Mar 10, 2011 

    Pentacon 29mm et bagues allonges sur Praktica BC1, avec recadrage.

    L’objectif a ?t? utilis? ? mi-ouverture afin de garder un peu de profondeur de champ.

    J’appr?cie beaucoup l’utilisation de cet objectif associ? ? des bagues allonges.


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