Meyer Orestegor / Pentacon 300mm f/4.0-22.0

Lens categoryLong Telephoto
Vendor nameMeyer
Type nameOrestegor / Pentacon
Focal min (mm)300
Focal max (mm)300
Focus min (cm)0
Aperture max4
Aperture min22
Diaphragm blades19
Meyer Orestegor / Pentacon 300mm f/4.0-22.0

A massive lens, weighing in at about 5 pounds. Preset diaphragm, and a built-on (although removable) tripod collar. The collar is able to be rotated in the case that it isn’t in the right position when mounted on a dSLR. The mounting is easy to interchange as it just unscrews from the back of the lens.
This lens has many aperture blades, which help to keep a nice bokeh in an otherwise slow lens.

Photo below showing size is where the lens is at closest focus, therefore making it the longest possible.

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  • Aldo Lochi  17:12 Feb 09, 2007 

    This lens is not as good as I expected it to be. I used it for a while with my digital cameras (Canon 350D and 10D) and the results were quite disappointing: really disturbing CA, never really sharp, prone to flare.
    I don’t know if mine was a bad sample, but I sold it as soon as I could.

  • Chris Brown, Shetland, UK  16:47 Jan 13, 2008 

    Just got one of these and popped it on an Olympus E400. Stunning images in dim light

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