Meyer Orestegor 200mm f/4.0-22.0

Lens categoryLong Telephoto
Vendor nameMeyer
Type nameOrestegor
Focal min (mm)200
Focal max (mm)200
Focus min (cm)250
Aperture max4
Aperture min22
Diaphragm blades15
Meyer Orestegor 200mm f/4.0-22.0

The aperture is infinitely variable – the ring has no click-stops. The actual minimum focus distance is about 220cm, 250cm is the last number printed on the focus ring. This lens was also sold under the Pentacon brand. There are similar 200mm and 300mm Meyer lenses for Pentacon/Kiev medium format, BTW. No 200! for P’six.

The lens has a pre-set diaphragm , so it will not need click-stops.
The camera mount is changeable, there exist, beside the M42 adapter, a Praktina and an Exakta adapter.
This Meyer Orestegor/Pentacon lens is very sharp. KR

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  • Armando Buiter  15:04 Nov 02, 2005 

    I own a Pentacon 200mm f/4.0 This lensdoes have click-stops. You have to pull the diaphragm-ring to adjust the diaphragm. It clicks in 1/2 stops. When you don’t pull the diaphragm-ring, it can be used to switch back and forth between fully open and the preset diaphragm. This is a step you have to get used to, because the lens has no auto-diaphragm.

    So a standard working method will be something like this: first you preset the diaphragm you want to use. Then you meter the light (ttl or externally) and set exposure time accordingly. For example you choose f/11 and the according exposure time turns out to be 1/60. You preset the shutter to 1/60. Without pulling, you turn the diaphragm-ring to switch rapidly between diaphragm f/11 and fully open. You then focus and rapidly turn the diaphragm-ring back to the preset diaphragm and fire the shutter.

  • mario raccagni  09:49 Sep 20, 2006 

    I have this lens in a classic black version without click stop .I think one of my best tele lens,very sharp ,bokeh oustanding and size very compact.Recently i have seen a MC version automatic Is it better?anyone had some experience with this Mc lens?

  • Virtual Private Server  18:58 Sep 07, 2017 

    I would guess that it must be sometime around the start of the 1970 s because if it was before 1968 it would have had the maker named as Meyer-Optik Gorlitz since Meyer-Optik, the manufacturers, were taken over by the Pentacon company in 1968.

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