Meyer Orestor / Pentacon 135mm f/2.8-22.0

Lens categoryShort Telephoto
Vendor nameMeyer
Type nameOrestor / Pentacon
Focal min (mm)135
Focal max (mm)135
Focus min (cm)0
Aperture max2.8
Aperture min22
Filter size (mm)55
Meyer Orestor / Pentacon 135mm f/2.8-22.0

It should be noted that the Auto M42 Pentacon 135/2.8 had a redesigned & recomputed optical formula which is developed from the original 135/2.8. Although both are of Triplet / Sonnar deriative of 5 elements in 3 groups design.

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  • Steve Ford Elliott, Ireland  11:12 Oct 17, 2006 

    At least one Meyer version of this lens (zebra stripes) has a fifteen blade iris and stops down to f32. It’s a fabulous portrait lens with very smooth circular bokeh but is also great for tele lendscapes, very sharp. Focus helicoid goes almost the full 360 degrees, making focus slow but extremely precise. It’s a fabulous lens and the secondhand market hasn’t quite woken up to its true value yet: you can pick one up for way less than the expensive 35/2.4 Fleks and their ilk.

  • A. Seka  11:49 Mar 10, 2011 

    A real good short telephoto lens,
    with a clean neutral render, sharp, whithout chromatic aberations,
    easy to find at a low price…

    Tr?s bon petit t?l?objectif,
    au rendu propre, neutre, piqu?, sans ab?rations chromatiques,
    facilement trouvable pour pas cher…


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