Mamiya Auto Mamiya/Sekor SX 21mm f/4.0-16.0

Lens categoryWide
Vendor nameMamiya
Type nameAuto Mamiya/Sekor SX
Focal min (mm)21
Focal max (mm)21
Focus min (cm)45
Aperture max4
Aperture min16
Diaphragm blades5
Filter size (mm)49
Mamiya Auto Mamiya/Sekor SX 21mm f/4.0-16.0

A multicoated lens to accomodate the latests M42 bodies produced by Mamiya. This very wide angle performs rather well in many ways : the distortion is quite low, resolution remains good in the corners, and the lens is not too subject to flare. This particular lens has warm tones, which is not a problem in most cases. It saturates greens, so one might pay attention not to use slide films that are prone to green saturation themselves already. Also remember this is a f/4 lens, so even wide open it might be tricky to focus this lens because even wide open the picture in the viewfinder will be dark. Focusing aid such as microprisms will most likely not work on dark subject.

The SX series allow open aperture metering on Mamiya bodies only, and the pin that transmits the aperture information to the body could prevent mounting the lens on adapers, unless it is removed. Also worth mentionning is the absence of an auto/manual diaphragm switch. This again will cause problems when the lens is mounted with an adapter. Works well on spotmatics, though.

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