Korea Praktica 135mm f/2.8-22.0

Lens categoryMedium Telephoto
Vendor nameKorea
Type namePraktica
Focal min (mm)135
Focal max (mm)135
Focus min (cm)0
Aperture max2.8
Aperture min22
Filter size (mm)52

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  • Eugen Mezei, Germany/Romania  16:10 Sep 13, 2005 

    What exactly you mean by Korea?
    As far as I know only some Praktica Zooms came from Japan, but never heard about manufacturing in Korea. I would apreciate any information, also directly to my mailadress eugen.mezei@gmx.de. I am also interested about information regarding the M42 Praktica lenses manufactured in Romania.



  • Krassymir Andreev  11:43 Mar 10, 2011 

    Good portrait lens.
    Mounted on Canon 300D.

    Vesi portrait

  • Hosting  01:16 Aug 30, 2017 

    This 1m lens came with the Praktica MTL5 I bought and so far I would carry this compact fast telephoto with me whenever I am shooting my MTL5. However, I might just have high expectation on prime lenses regardless about optical design and manufacturer, I would just say this lens is good for its price but it is just not exceptional.

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