KMZ or BeLOMO or Lytkarino Helios 44-2 58mm f/2.0-16.0

Lens categoryNormal
Vendor nameKMZ or BeLOMO or Lytkarino
Type nameHelios 44-2
Focal min (mm)58
Focal max (mm)58
Focus min (cm)50
Aperture max2
Aperture min16
Filter size (mm)49
KMZ or BeLOMO or Lytkarino Helios 44-2 58mm f/2.0-16.0

The Helios-44-2 is the ‘improved’ Helios-44. The coating is better. The original Helios-44 was used on the old Zenit M-39 SLRs. Helios-44-2 were made for the M42 Zenit. Both lens types used a preset diaphragm.

The Helios-44 line (many versions from KMZ, BeLOMO, and Lytkarino) came out with each Zenit model introduced. The lens was derived from the Carl Zeiss Biotar lens. The focal length in both cameras are the same, ie., f=58mm. The Helios-44 even looked like the Carl Zeiss Biotar: both had ‘silver’ aluminium barrels, and save for the M39 lens mount, all the specs were the same. (JyJ)

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  • Eric H., France  16:34 Jul 17, 2007 

    This lens is a great one. Strongly built (you can kill someone with it), it looks a bit odd, when mounted on digital camera. But it’s an incredible lens. Pics are well defined, even when wide open. As the lens itself, is deep into the barrel, no flare problem and no need for a hood. At f2, the bokeh is just superb.

    And the better : the lens cost almost nothing. I’ve got mine for 4 ???.

  • Jay Y Javier  11:23 Mar 10, 2011 

    Shot with a Canon 300D, and lit with a single studio strobe.
    Kitten singing with a gramophone.

    singing maldita

  • Emmanuel Corr?ia  11:24 Mar 10, 2011 

    This lens is a Russian lens , it often comes with Zenit camera.
    Very commum , very cheap . It’s a copy of a Carl Zeiss biotar and a very good copy 😉
    Pour commencer voici un portrait de Lucie fait avec le modeste H?lios 44 . Cet objectif est surprenant , il n’est pas rare , il n’est pas cher mais il est plus que bon . Incontournable !!

    Lucie et feuille rouge

  • Kseniya  21:42 Aug 29, 2013 

    Great article. I stbuelmd across your video on the street with the bikers and girl showing the flares of the Helios and grabbed 2 of them off ebay. They are both spectacular for flare and extremely sharp at f2 as well. Thank you for doing the comparison with the variant lenses and showing the similar qualities. I also agree the original 44-2 with the single coating and clickless aperture have the best look of the 7 different variants of the lens. For video on DSLRs or higher end camera I feel there is more than enough resolution and they have a wonderful look. Thank you again

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