KMZ Tair-3 300mm f/4.5-22.0

Lens categoryLong Telephoto
Vendor nameKMZ
Type nameTair-3
Focal min (mm)300
Focal max (mm)300
Focus min (cm)300
Aperture max4.5
Aperture min22
Filter size (mm)72
KMZ Tair-3 300mm f/4.5-22.0

A version known as “TAIR-3C” (Or Tair-3S) is supplied with the Zenit “FOTOSNAJPER” camera kit. This specialty kit comes with the lens, camera, and a rifle stock mount with shoulder butt, pistol grip, and shutter release trigger. This version uses a knob under the barrel to focus (when used with the gun stock) and a spring-loaded diaphragm release activated by the trigger.

Lens is really heavy and unwieldly so the special gunstock mount is a useful accessory.

Resolution: field centre= 34 lines/mm; field edge= 28 lines/mm (JyJ)

The Fotosnajper Tair-3S can be adapted for Canon digital SLRs. Camera will fit without major adaptation. Only an electronic cable release (specified for the camera) is needed to make the rifle stock mount efficient. See photo below of adapted 300D. (JyJ)

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  • Franka T. Lieu  11:19 Mar 10, 2011 

    Rain and Fog made the moon of the day …

    Wetland Park – Cloudy but tranquail

  • Arnaud Tilmant  11:19 Mar 10, 2011 

    Escapade en Normandie.

    Utilisation du Fotosnaiper et du Tair ? petite ouverture.

    Avec sa crosse on b?n?ficie d’une stabilit? remarquable pour un 300 mm.


  • Arnaud Tilmant  11:20 Mar 10, 2011 

    Rencontre furtive lors d’une ballade avec mon Fotosnaiper.

    Il s’agissait d’un film test r?alis? sur un Praktica BC-1.

    Cet objectif pr?sente un diaphragme endommag?, dont l’ouverture est limit? ? 8, celui-ci ayant une ou deux lamelles d?fectueuses.

    Le rendu est tr?s particulier, et sa manipulation le rend tr?s attachant, malgr? son encombrement

    Un vrai r?gal de jouer avec la profondeur de champ.


  • Emmanuel Corr?ia  11:21 Mar 10, 2011 

    Ok it’s a heavy lens with a lot of metal and at first I found it not easy to use but now I find it most easy than the 200 Sonnar why ? because of the little focus ring

    Chercheur de cailloux

  • Emmanuel Corr?ia  11:21 Mar 10, 2011 

    What a lens ! Mounted on a 10d it becomes a 420mm ! Very sharp ! It true this lens is really good.


    Quel objectif ! long , lourd et pas facile ? manipuler , mais il produit des images tr?s nettes ! Ce qu’on lit ? son sujet sur le net a l’air vrai c’est un bon objectif.


  • Arnaud Tilmant  11:22 Mar 10, 2011 

    Clich? r?alis? ? f8 (mon Ta?r est bloqu? ? ce diaphragme).

    Associ? ? un reflex num?rique, il offre un piqu? renversant, et la mise au point manuelle se fait oublier… et m?me appr?cier, s’av?rant souvent plus pr?cise qu’un autofocus.

    Le passage au num?rique permet de b?n?ficier d’un ?quivalent 480mm (sur l’EOS 300D).

    Chemin faisant…

  • Web Hosting  08:25 Aug 22, 2017 

    I managed to find a T2 adapter whose rotatable core matches the Tair 3 tube precisely, and so mine now has a PK bayonet. Wide open the images straight from the camera are somewhat lacking in contrast, although the detail is all there.

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