KMZ Industar-50-2 50mm f/3.5-16.0

Lens categoryNormal
Vendor nameKMZ
Type nameIndustar-50-2
Focal min (mm)50
Focal max (mm)50
Focus min (cm)0.65
Aperture max3.5
Aperture min16
Filter size (mm)36
KMZ Industar-50-2 50mm f/3.5-16.0

Manufacturer GOMZ / KMZ / Zenit depending on which batch
Filter size 36mm slip on

“GOMZ” is the old name of “LOMO” which did not make Industar-50-2 lenses

The Industar-50-2 is a descendant fo the Industar-50 which was originally installed on “Zorki” rangefinder cameras. There were two rangefinder versions of this lens: a collapsible, Leica-Elmar style, and a rigid-barrel style. There is still a third, SLR version, which has a short barrel and no rangefinder coupler, the I-50 for the early Zenit SLRs made by KMZ. All three lenses had the Leica M39 screw mount, but the Zenit version will neither focus nor couple with the Zorki rangefinder. The rigid I-50 rangefinder lens, is in fact, an I-50 in Zenit mount, but with a factory-installed extended barrel tube with rangefinder coupling.

The lens is very sharp and produces snappy colours and good contrast. It is very sharp from f/5,6.

The Industar lenses were derived from the famous Carl Zei?? “Tessar”. The formula is the same: 4 lens elements in three groups. The Tessar-derived triplet formula made the lens both light and compact. It is an excellent, low-cost alternative (lens costs less than $10) to the more expensive “pancake” lenses. Pancakes from other lens makers are Tessar-derivatives too.

The Industar-50-2 is the M42 version. It is hardly larger or thicker than most SLR camera body caps. IT does not appear to be multicoated. But with a simple lens like the I-50-2, lens reflections are not an issue.

The main drawback of the I-50-2 is its lack of any automatic or pre-setting diaphragm mechanism. Its diaphragm would stop down to its value if the aperture ring is turned. Theis would make dim focusing or otherwise awkward camera focusing since this would involve removing the camera from the eze to visually set the aperture. Click-stops would have made this operation a bit more convenient. (JyJ)

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  • dobs  05:07 Nov 05, 2005 

    Actually I have no experience with this lens, but from the photos filmed by a guy from Taiwan Province everyone can see how good the lens is.

  • A. Seka  11:13 Mar 10, 2011 

    This “pancake” who seems basic and cheap hide his game !
    Really good at f8-11 !!!
    Nothing to say but so much flare’s sensibility…
    (Big shout out for Gilles who want to handmake a hood for me ! [joke] !)
    So i just have to play with my hands…
    A shock design !

    Cet objectif “pancake” d’apparence rudimentaire et
    De modeste condition, cache bien son jeu.
    Extr?mement performant ? f8-11 !!!
    Aucune aberration chromatique, mais que de flare !
    (D?dicaces ? Gilles qui doit me bricoler un pare-soleil ! [rires])
    En attendant on joue avec les mains…
    Un “look” surprenant…


  • Jay Y Javier  11:17 Mar 10, 2011 

    Close-up with an Industar-50-2 lens. Camera used was a Canon 300D. With the 1,6X factor, the lens becomes an 80mm whose 0,65M minimum focus distance does well with many close-up situations.

    dahong dilaw

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