Kiron Kiron 105mm f/2.8-32.0

Lens categoryMacro
Vendor nameKiron
Type nameKiron
Focal min (mm)105
Focal max (mm)105
Focus min (cm)35
Aperture max2.8
Aperture min32
Diaphragm blades8
Filter size (mm)52

The Kiron 105/2.8 Macro had seen many different branding. Sometime labelled 100mm instead and inaddition the Vivitar version known to have been labelled a 2.5 lens also. Known variation including the 105/100 mm Macro Vivitar, Rikenon, Avenon, Rolleinar and Chinon in many various mount. This lens utilize a double helical and a very long draw focusing thread ( more than a full turn of the circle ) to achive the long extension needed for the 1:1 mag ratio at its shortest focusing distance.

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