Kilfitt Macro-Kilar 90mm f/2.8-32.0

Lens categoryMacro
Vendor nameKilfitt
Type nameMacro-Kilar
Focal min (mm)90
Focal max (mm)90
Focus min (cm)0
Aperture max2.8
Aperture min32
Kilfitt Macro-Kilar 90mm f/2.8-32.0

This lens is initially supplied in a short focusing mount that goes to 1/2 X magnification in Sation chrome, then a mount that provide 1.7 X and finally 2 x. Black painted variation start to ship 1964. Minimum focusing distance depend on the mount used with 0.14 M being the closest. The Lens head / focusing mechanism can be dismented from the mount and replced by another ( from Kilfitt ) to ift onto other cameras ( this lens is designed to cover medium format )

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