Kern Macro Switar 50mm f/1.9-16.0

Lens categoryNormal
Vendor nameKern
Type nameMacro Switar
Focal min (mm)50
Focal max (mm)50
Focus min (cm)27
Aperture max1.9
Aperture min16

According to the latest research data, this original ” made for Alpa ” lens was produced in a very limited quantity of 83 total only between 1982-1989 and usually supplied to customer stright from Alpa with the Autobag mount adepter for using on Alpa bodies. All of them are in Black

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  • juan rino, buenos aires, argentina  20:04 Feb 26, 2008 

    My father had a Alpa 10 D in 1971. It came with the macro switar F/ 1,9 (the old was F1,8) all black. I used this untill 2002. Very, very good lens. With a macro at 17 cm. At all F’s. Definition and contrast are great. Good system with colors for identify the numbers F at the barrel. For collection and for users. Very fine.

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