Jupiter 21M 200mm f/4.0

Lens categoryLong Telephoto
Vendor nameJupiter
Type name21M
Focal min (mm)200
Focal max (mm)200
Focus min (cm)1.8
Aperture max4
Aperture min4
Jupiter 21M 200mm f/4.0

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  • NICOLAS Roland – Fleurus, Belgium.  15:54 Oct 02, 2005 

    The Jupiter 21M is a heavy and bulky lens, still produced nowadays (2005), and available brand new for a little cash amount. Get one, and you’ll have to manage with a rough and clonky item, probably made from a more than 50 years old technology. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad lens at all, presenting better contrast than sharpness, and giving “punchy” results.
    It focuses down to 1,80m, which is good for such a simple and old design, and pretty rare in this focal length. At this min distance, the DOF is very reduced, even at f8 or f11, which is useful to shoot at flowers and little pets, or for some “full face in the frame” portrait work.
    The Jupiter 21M is a pleasure to use (but a nightmare to carry for a hike), and represents great value for the money.

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