Jupiter 11 135mm f/4.0

Lens categoryMedium Telephoto
Vendor nameJupiter
Type name11
Focal min (mm)135
Focal max (mm)135
Focus min (cm)0
Aperture max4
Aperture min4
Jupiter 11 135mm f/4.0

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  • Piotr Gogolewski, Warsaw, Poland  20:35 Mar 01, 2006 

    I haven’t seen the Jupiter 11 (135/4) lens, but it seems that the Jupiter 11A (135/3,5) in both non- (or single-) coated and MC version and with m42 mount was quite popular some time ago – nowdays it’s easy to find one in second-hand stores for a very little (about 20 euro – X.2005). Few details for Jupiter 11A: f/3,5-22 (fluently, no `clicks’, nice round diaphragm shape), minimal focusing distance 1,2m, filter size M52x0,75 (also used for the hood, which is usually sold with lens in grey or black plastic box), weight 410g. It’s useable for portraits wide open and quite sharp from f/5,6 (f/8 is still better, but I havent seen difference between f/8 and f/11). Contrast in contra-light suffer just a bit, which is suprising to me (non-MC version). Last, but not least: as with many russian products, you can find a real pearl and a lemon, so watch what you’re buying! 🙂

  • Piotr Gogolewski  20:55 Mar 01, 2006 

    There’s one important thing, which I’ve screwed up: that’s Jupiter 37A, not 11A, so my comment really shouldn’t be placed here (but there’s no Jupiter 37A description in your base anyway).

  • Phil  23:31 Apr 09, 2012 

    I actually have a Jupiter 11A (135/4) and it’s a fine lens. Reputedly better than the Jupiter 11. A little slow and reportedly not so good when framing high contrast shots.

  • Virtual Private Server  12:24 Jul 28, 2017 

    The Jupiter 11 is yet another of the classic Zeiss-derived USSR lenses available in a plethora of mounts over a period of decades.

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