Jupiter 9 85mm f/2.0-16.0

Lens categoryShort Telephoto
Vendor nameJupiter
Type name9
Focal min (mm)85
Focal max (mm)85
Focus min (cm)80
Aperture max2
Aperture min16
Diaphragm blades15
Filter size (mm)49
Jupiter 9 85mm f/2.0-16.0

This popular short telephoto was based on the Carl Zei?? 85mm Sonnar. The formula dates from the 1930s.
The first versions were in the Kiev/Contax RF mount and in Leica TM 39 for Zorki/FED/Leica.
The M39 Zorki version was modified (given a shorter barrel and the RF coupling cam was removed) for use on the “Zenit” (KMZ- the factory which made them- made a reflex Zorki and called it a Zenit). The
J-9 is also available for the other soviet SLRs. The M42 version was made when Zenit started using
M42 screw thread mount.

The lens is very compact. It is hardly larger or longer than a wide aperture 50mm normal lens (eg, the Helios-44-M).

J-9 quality tends to vary. The older ones can be good. And among the M42 set, there could be lemons. Most have single-coating (the front element looks very white as if it did not have any coating).
This has been associated with many flare and reflection problems. Using a really deep lens hood largely eliminates this problem. There are also “MC” (multi-coated) J-9 which is supposed to be better when it comes to flare and anti-reflection control.

The J-9 is quite soft at full opening, and this characteristic is welcome in portraiture since it suppresses facial blemishes. When stopped down to f/4 or f/5,6 the lens really becomes sharp. It has a preset diaphragm.

The lens is still made today by KMZ in Russia.

When buying the J-9, make sure that it is in the M42 screw mount. There are many versions available. Two are in M39 mounts, one for the Zorki rangefinder and the other for the Zenit SLR. The Zenit M39 version can be used on an M42 camera with a suitable adapter. There were also various SLRs versions in exotic mounts meant for early Kiev and Zenit SLRs with non M42 mounts. (JyJ)

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  • Andrew Kounitskiy, Moscow  23:35 May 26, 2005 

    Jupiters-9 are still made by LZOS (Lytkarino) but not by KMZ? which produses only lenses called Zenitar

  • John Bailey, USA  06:27 Sep 23, 2005 
  • laipro  18:45 Oct 24, 2005 

    Very good lens, I use the un-coated lens

  • juan rino, buenos aires, argentina  22:24 Mar 06, 2008 

    I have one that isn’t MC, but has relfexions blue and yellow, then isn’t uncoated. Model is 1978. Inter the uncoated and mc times? I not use it yet.

  • Jay Y Javier  11:08 Mar 10, 2011 

    Shot with a Canon 300D, by available window lighting. Camera ISO set at 800. Lens set at maximum (f/2) aperture


  • Krassymir Andreev  11:08 Mar 10, 2011 

    Perfect (for me:) Russian portrait lens with comfortable manual aperture ring. Detailed image, but not very sharp, soft defocus. Mounted on DSLR camera like EOS 300D with crop factor 1.6, this lens turned out to be perfect 🙂
    Shoot at 1/100 with aperture 2, iso 100 in RAW format, defuse sunlight.


  • Rob  19:47 Dec 12, 2015 

    I have the lens in the photo up there but my m42 to eos adapter is to big thus i think i have the m39 version. I orders a m39 to m42 ring to make it fit. On mu 7d it works great 🙂 https://www.flickr.com/photos/gipukan/23497878242/

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