Isco-Gattingen Tele Westanar 135mm f/3.5-22.0

Lens categoryShort Telephoto
Vendor nameIsco-Gattingen
Type nameTele Westanar
Focal min (mm)135
Focal max (mm)135
Focus min (cm)250
Aperture max3.5
Aperture min22
Isco-Gattingen Tele Westanar 135mm f/3.5-22.0

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  • Roger Bartlett Bamaga Qld Australia  15:45 Sep 17, 2007 

    I obtained this lens on a bellows but it is working very well as a manual lens with adaptor on a Pentax *istDL2. It is very sharp through the full aperture range and the 15aerture blades make for very creamy bokeh. Narrow in diameter it is very nice to use and has lots of contrast. My version is fully manual and does not have the cable facility and is quite unusual in having the aperture ring in front of the focussing ring toward the front of the lens. Highly recommended if you come across a copy.

  • A. Seka  11:06 Mar 10, 2011 

    Made for macrophography, but usefull for general use.
    Warm rendering and correct results in every condition.
    Light, i take it for landscape pictures around f5.6.
    Flareless you can also shoot with a front light,
    warm pictures and curious way to use it are a real pleasure…

    Objectif orient? utilisation macro avec un soufflet,
    mais parfaitement ? l’aise en petit t?l?objectif polyvalent.
    Rendu chaud et coh?rence des r?sultats tr?s corrects.
    L?ger, pr?cis, je l’utilise surtout pour les paysages ? partir de f5.6
    Bon m?me en contre-jour violent,
    la chaleur de ses images et son curieux maniement sont plaisants…


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