Fujifilm Fujinon 55mm f/1.8-16.0

Lens categoryNormal
Vendor nameFujifilm
Type nameFujinon
Focal min (mm)55
Focal max (mm)55
Focus min (cm)45
Aperture max1.8
Aperture min16
Filter size (mm)49
Fujifilm Fujinon 55mm f/1.8-16.0

Update – Upon further examination, this lens is not an EBC lens. The front only reads :
FUJI PHOTO FILM CO. Lens – Japan FUJINON 1:1.8 f=55mm

This was likely an oversight because I did some damage to the lettering on mine by attempting to create my own friction driver to get the ring off of the front element. (The lens only cost $0.50 – had broken focus.)

It is one of the few lenses for M42 by Fuji that I have seen that is not one of the coveted EBC line. – MP

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