Fujifilm EBC Fujinon W 35mm f/2.8-16.0

Lens categoryWide
Vendor nameFujifilm
Type nameEBC Fujinon W
Focal min (mm)35
Focal max (mm)35
Focus min (cm)40
Aperture max2.8
Aperture min16
Filter size (mm)49
Fujifilm EBC Fujinon W 35mm f/2.8-16.0

EBC Fujinon Note : the following EBC Fujinon was also manufactured in the original Fujinon version without the EBC multi-coating for the ST701 & ST705. They differ also in the barrel but otherwise optically the same as the EBC versions

– 28/3.5
– 35/2.8
– 50/1.4
– 55/1.8
– 100/2.8
– 135/3.5
– 200/4.5

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  • David Rusjan  14:29 May 29, 2007 

    i found this lens not to be very sharp but free of geometrical distortions and well saturated. lenses are very sensible to light contrast conditions on digital SLR. it is an automatic lenses with no switch to have it manual at least on my version which is exactly like this shown here. otherwise very small and practical for any landscape or all around purposal

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