Fujifilm EBC Fujinon W 28mm f/3.5-16.0

Lens categoryWide
Vendor nameFujifilm
Type nameEBC Fujinon W
Focal min (mm)28
Focal max (mm)28
Focus min (cm)40
Aperture max3.5
Aperture min16
Filter size (mm)49
Fujifilm EBC Fujinon W 28mm f/3.5-16.0

EBC Fujinon Note : the following EBC Fujinon was also manufactured in the original Fujinon version without the EBC multi-coating for the ST701 & ST705. They differ also in the barrel but otherwise optically the same as the EBC versions

– 28/3.5
– 35/2.8
– 50/1.4
– 55/1.8
– 100/2.8
– 135/3.5
– 200/4.5

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  • Paul Hamnett, Calgary Canada  01:38 Apr 01, 2008 

    I own this lens in an unused condition for 35 years, my grandfather just recently gave it to me and it works great!

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