Cosina / Voigtlander Color-Heliar SL 75mm f/2.5-22.0

Lens categoryShort Telephoto
Vendor nameCosina / Voigtlander
Type nameColor-Heliar SL
Focal min (mm)75
Focal max (mm)75
Focus min (cm)70
Aperture max2.5
Aperture min22
Filter size (mm)49
Cosina  / Voigtlander Color-Heliar SL 75mm f/2.5-22.0

Cosina announced late 2005 that all batch production of this lens is finished and this lens is currently no longer in production.

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  • Dedicated servers  09:53 Mar 24, 2017 

    This aberration, called color bokeh by laymen, renders mild green color fringes around background highlights, and magenta color fringes around foreground highlights. I’ve known that they are both made by Cosina in the same factory with the same too-dark red paint and similar cosmetics, but it never struck me before that they even use the same boxes and packing materials!

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