Chinon Auto Chinon 55mm f/1.4-16.0

Lens categoryNormal
Vendor nameChinon
Type nameAuto Chinon
Focal min (mm)55
Focal max (mm)55
Focus min (cm)50
Aperture max1.4
Aperture min16
Diaphragm blades6
Filter size (mm)55
Chinon Auto Chinon 55mm f/1.4-16.0

Made by Tomioka Japan

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  • Virtual Private Servers  18:16 Sep 03, 2017 

    It must be kept in mind though, that this is a film camera lens and as such, you have a 1, crop factor with it, which makes it equal to ~m, if I’m correct. My father gave me this lens along with two other Chinon lenses, that he used with his excellent CP-5 camera during my childhood.

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