Carl Zeiss Jena Spiegelobjektiv / Prakticar 1000mm f/5.6

Lens categoryLong Telephoto
Vendor nameCarl Zeiss Jena
Type nameSpiegelobjektiv / Prakticar
Product year1960
Focal min (mm)1000
Focal max (mm)1000
Focus min (cm)1600
Aperture max5.6
Aperture min5.6
Carl Zeiss Jena Spiegelobjektiv / Prakticar 1000mm f/5.6

The 1000 Spiegelobjektiv (mirror lens) was manufactured always in a Pentacon Six mount with appropriate 35mm mount adaptor included ( M42, Exakta, & Praktina ). There are three known color variations, Black, White, & Grey. Its reported that a small number for the DDR Military is in Dark Green but this might be just some urban myth as no sample of Green 1000mm ever surface. For reference the West German Zeiss Mirotar 1000/5.6 was released in 1965, weight in at 16.6kg but do allow a minimum focus of 12m.

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