Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm f/3.5-22.0

Lens categoryShort Telephoto
Vendor nameCarl Zeiss Jena
Type nameSonnar
Focal min (mm)135
Focal max (mm)135
Focus min (cm)100
Aperture max3.5
Aperture min22
Diaphragm blades6
Filter size (mm)49
Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm f/3.5-22.0

One of the most popular and renowned lenses in M42 history.

It comes in several variations – the older single-coated “Zebra” Sonnar that has knurled aluminum spots on an otherwise black focus grip, and the newer 4th generation black MC (Multi-Coated) Sonnar, which is also found in an electric version. The black MC Sonnars have a built-in telescoping metal hood, as shown in the photo below. Multi-coating was only added to the black version of the lens in the early 1980s. Serial numbers with 5 digits reflect the most recent productions of the lens.

A very, very sharp lens when stopped down a little. Focuses very close compared to most other 135mm lenses. (MAP)

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  • Sang-Keun, Nho, South Korea  09:22 Apr 17, 2006 

    At the maximum open of aparature, beautiful out-focusing scenary can be achieved. Couldn’t be better.

  • juan rino, buenos aires, argentina  20:49 Feb 26, 2008 

    Spartan lens. Great lens. No vigneting, super sharp, great contrast (less at non mc ones). Very smooth controls. It’s a cream. I had one, and lost it. I need one, please.

  • juan rino, buenos aires, argentina  21:09 Feb 26, 2008 

    Great lens. At all F’s. No vigneting, no flare, great contrast and definition (something less in non MC ones, who has realictic colors). It’s plus sharp. I lost my sonnar, and I need one and I’m loking for this.

  • Emmanuel Corr?ia  10:54 Mar 10, 2011 

    Sun set on the beach …. a clich? 😉 but add the color warm of a CZJ 135 f3.5 and you have incredible amosphere….

    L’atmosph?re particuli?re d’un soir d’?t? au bord de l’oc?an ajout?e au rendu chaud du CZJ 135.

    Plage des cavaliers ? Anglet

  • Emmanuel Corr?ia  10:55 Mar 10, 2011 

    Carl Zeiss 135mm f3.5 .
    This is my favorite 135mm at this time . For me it is better than the 135 f2.5 Takumar , that’s subjective .


    Portrait fait avec le Carl Zeiss 135mm F3.5.
    C’est mon 135 pr?f?r? pour le moment . Je le pr?f?re au 135 f2.5 Takmumar ,m?me si il semble plus fragile que ce dernier . Le rendu qu’il produit est plus chaud et pr?sente moins d’ab?rations chromatiques que le Takumar . ( tests perso. et subjectifs ).


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