Asahi Optical Co. Super-Multi-Coated 55mm f/1.8-16.0

Lens categoryNormal
Vendor nameAsahi Optical Co.
Type nameSuper-Multi-Coated
Product year1971
Focal min (mm)55
Focal max (mm)55
Focus min (cm)45
Aperture max1.8
Aperture min16
Diaphragm blades6
Filter size (mm)49
Asahi Optical Co. Super-Multi-Coated 55mm f/1.8-16.0

The pictures I added are from the SMC Takumar, not the Super-Multi-Coated Takumar. As far as I know, the oinly difference is the rubber grip on the rings. Jens

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  • Nick Stout, Hong Kong  05:43 May 20, 2006 

    The lens I have, purchased in 1975, says: SMC PENTAX 1:1.8/55. It does not say TAKUMAR as in your picture. I’m interested in knowing the difference. Thanks. NS.

  • Phil  23:01 Apr 09, 2012 

    The SMC designated coating was a later version of the “Super-Multi-Coated” version.

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