Asahi Optical Co. Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4-16.0

Lens categoryNormal
Vendor nameAsahi Optical Co.
Type nameSuper Takumar
Product year1964
Focal min (mm)50
Focal max (mm)50
Focus min (cm)45
Aperture max1.4
Aperture min16
Diaphragm blades6
Filter size (mm)49
Asahi Optical Co. Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4-16.0

Introduced with the original Spotmatic. Could not be used on earlier bodies due to the protruding rear lense element. earlier bodies could me modified by changing the original square aperture actuator to the curved type.
This lens does not yellow over time. [EDIT] Mine does, see pictures, Jens
Looking at Jen’s lens, I would have to say that it is the later S-T that does yellow. His serial number range looks correct however, the DOF scale is that of the later S-T. The original S-T’s IR marking is inside the F4 mark while the later is outside. Bob

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  • Ion P.  11:27 Aug 12, 2007 

    Can you tell me the range index of Serial Numbers for this product year ?
    I just wanted to know what are the serial numbers series without thorium…
    thank you so much ! Ion P.

  • juan rino, buenos aires, argentina  19:47 Feb 26, 2008 

    Very nice lens. it seem leica . Very pretty. And very good lens, too. Better, for my, than the seven elements. No castle. Gran definition. Great contrast. At F/ 5.6 and F/ 8 is really a summicron. At F/4 and F/11 is very, very good lens. So-so at F/1,4 (it’s not a planar). The changed to 7 elements

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