Albinar Super 85-205mm f/3.8

Lens categoryZoom
Vendor nameAlbinar
Type nameSuper
Focal min (mm)85
Focal max (mm)205
Focus min (cm)0
Aperture max3.8
Aperture min3.8

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  • true4645  12:52 Mar 07, 2007 

    [Albinar Super 85-205mm f/3.8]
    i have the lens a information , i want send for your free uesr .

  • Tsulung Wang, Taiwan  12:38 May 13, 2007 

    I got this lens cheap, around $65 US dollars. Sometimes it works well, with amazing pictures, sometimes I just want to smash it to the ground. It doesn’t work so well on the 205 site, but pretty good during 130-180.
    I think it’s a good bargain if you don’t want to spent too much on those modern telephoto lens.

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