KMZ or BeLOMO MIR-1 37mm f/2.8-16.0

Lens categoryWide
Vendor name KMZ or BeLOMO
Type nameMIR-1
Focal min (mm)37
Focal max (mm)37
Focus min (cm)70
Aperture max2.8
Aperture min16
Filter size (mm)49
KMZ or BeLOMO MIR-1 37mm f/2.8-16.0

The MIR-1 is lengendary among all of Soviet Optics. This is the actual lens that won the 1958 Photo grand prix at Brussel and deserve its credit. The MIR-1 was produced by several different factory duriong the Soviet era and in several different mounts. One word of caution, use this lens with a proper HOOD. Its exposed front element together with less than satisfactory coating can create problem for the unsuspectings.

The Mir-1 was originally made in M39 mount (the mount used by the early Zenit slr).

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  • Maxim Sokolov (SME), Moscow, Russia  11:27 Mar 13, 2006 

    MIR-1 has never been produced by BelOMO.

  • Yury Saplin-Silanovitskiy, Moscow  19:40 Jan 09, 2007 

    Basically, MIR-1 in white finish comes with M39 Zenit mount. In black finish — M42. MIR-1B was produced at a different factory and usually not of the same optical quality as MIR-1, which is quite outstaning (very similar in terms of resolution to SMC Takumar 353.5)

  • pierre amarger  19:06 Dec 16, 2007 

    I own a Mir-1 , serial number 6809479 . This lens has a M42 mount and is in “white” finisih , that is chromium plated . And , yes it’s a very good lens , very close , if not better than the Flektogon 2,4/35 .

  • Anton  18:33 Apr 23, 2011 

    At the photo — Mir-1 lens was made in Zagorsk

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